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  • HihihiYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:27

  • Destinee & ParisYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:00

  • Lady CactusYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)02:42

  • Iron (Irina Nikolaeva)You And I (Lady Gaga Cover)04:44

  • Диана ОганесянYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:01

  • Наиля УмитбаеваYou And I [Lady GaGa Cover]05:04

  • СашаYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:07

  • Nat OceanYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover) Prod. By Jungle Records05:07

  • Кеша КосмосYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)02:10

  • The Margo ProjectYou And I ( Lady Gaga Cover,FL)05:08

  • Оруще-поющая ПятёркаYou And I(Lady GaGa Cover)05:03

  • Haley ReinhartYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)03:19

  • VBerdnikovaYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:13

  • Polina V.You And I - Lady Gaga (cover)05:07

  • FLIPYou And I (lady Gaga Cover)04:50

  • Jade KemeronYou And I (Lady GaGa Cover )04:39

  • Ангелина РомановскаяYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)02:06

  • Nat OceanYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover) Prod. By Art Jungle Records05:07

  • Matthew Morrisson & Idina Menzel (Glee Cast)You And I (Lady GaGa Cover) & You And I (Eddie Rabbitt)03:13

  • Kelly ClarksonYoü And I (Lady Gaga Cover) (Live Summer Tour 2012)04:52

  • Sound Of HeartYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)03:55

  • Alina EyreYou And I Lady Gaga Cover05:07

  • FLIP(Лерка с 2:53 минуты*You And I (lady Gaga Cover)04:50

  • NalliYou And I [Lady GaGa Cover]05:04

  • Jess GreenbergYou And I - Lady Gaga (cover)04:19

  • Jennifer DucharmeYoü And I (Lady Gaga Cover)02:36

  • Joger's BandYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)04:05

  • Steve GrandYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)04:32

  • RiaYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:06

  • Steve GrandYou And I (Lady GaGa Cover)04:28

  • Irina LetinaYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:07

  • Elizabeth GilliesYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)03:33

  • Cruel AddictYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:07

  • Ria RoseYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:06

  • AlinaYou And I(lady Gaga Cover)04:08

  • Валерия МазурYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)01:26

  • ПавлушкинаYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:07

  • The TouchYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)_live03:53

  • GleeYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover Snippet)01:05

  • Savannah OutenYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)04:15

  • Tina KrasulinaYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)04:22

  • A. SpectreYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)05:05

  • Elis MonroYou And I(Lady Gaga Cover)04:51

  • КаринаШевчукYou And I (Lady Gaga Cover)02:06