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  • AST1Yearning Heart03:05

  • David ArkenstoneYearning Hearts03:27

  • OST BOF - A'st1Yearning Heart03:05

  • A'ST1Yearning Heart [Boys Over Flowers OST 2009]02:41

  • A'ST1Yearning Heart (OST Boys Over Flowers)03:05

  • A'st1Yearning Heart BOF OST2 0303:05

  • A'ST1, The Style (에이스타일)아쉬운 마음인걸 (Yearning Heart)03:05

  • Falcom Sound Team J.D.KYearning Heart Of The Moon02:00

  • David ArkenstoneDavid Arkenstone - Celtic Book Of Days -08- Yearning Hearts03:27

  • A'ST1아쉬운 마음인걸 (Yearning Heart) My Girl - Ashwioon Maeumingeol03:05

  • Boys Before FlowersA'ST1, The Style -Yearning Heart03:05

  • Dang Cap NhatYearning Heart (OST Boys Over Flower)03:05

  • A'ST1아쉬운 마음인걸 (Yearning Heart)03:05

  • DamossYearning Heart (damoss Prod. 2012)01:17

  • Dang Cap NhatYearning Heart (OST Boys Over Flower)03:04

  • Naomi ChiakiYearning Heart That Was Wet In The Rain03:36

  • A'ST1Yearning Heart03:05

  • A'ST1, The StyleYearning Heart (Boys Before Flowers OST Part 2)03:05

  • Rumi Koyama03. Yearning Heart Of Kyoto02:52

  • Tom Rigney And FlambeauThe Yearning Heart04:14

  • Ulala Session & IUYearning Heart03:33

  • Sam TaylorYearning Heart Of The Rain03:32

  • 16. A'ST1아쉬운 마음인걸 (Yearning Heart) / OST "Boys Over Flowers"/Kgotboda Namja03:05

  • A'st1Yearning Heart (OST BOF)03:04

  • A'ST1, The Style (에이스타일)Yearning Heart (아쉬운 마음인걸)03:05

  • A'ST1Yearning Heart (Boys Over Flowers)03:05

  • David ArkenstoneYearning Hearts [03:30

  • Jeremy SpencerYearning Heart04:10

  • David Arkenstone - The Celtic Book Of DaysYearning Hearts03:27

  • A'ST1Yearning Heart (OST Boys Over Flowers) КОРЕЯ03:05

  • David Arkenstone - The Celtic Book Of Days(1998)08.Yearning Hearts03:29

  • Celtic MusicYearning Hearts03:28

  • Ace TileGood Yearning Heart03:05

  • David ArkenstoneYearning Hearts03:29