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  • Love And DeathWhip It (Devo Cover), , Qptao.ru03:07

  • Does It Offend You, Yeah?Happy Birthday [Traditional]_Whip It [Devo](live Smokeland 2009)03:38

  • LOVE And DEATH (Brian "Head" Welch)Whip It (DEVO Cover)03:07

  • Big DaddyWhip It (Devo Cover)01:54

  • Powerman 500003 - Whip It (Devo Cover)02:38

  • Powerman 5000Whip It (Devo)02:38

  • The ShrinkWhip It (Devo)02:41

  • The Del Rubio TripletsWhip It (Devo Cover)02:41

  • Love And DeathWhip It (Devo)03:07

  • DESLOKWhip It (Devo)02:24

  • Javier MartinezWhip It (Devo Cover)02:37

  • Pearl JamWhip It (Devo Cover, Live On Halloween 2009, Philadelphia, PA)02:26

  • Love And DeathWhip It(Devo Cover) (NEW 2013)03:08

  • Leæther StripWhip It (DEVO Cover)02:38

  • Love And DeathWhip It (Devo Cover)03:08

  • LOVE & DEATH 2013 (USA)Whip It (DEVO Cover)03:07

  • The SpazmaticsWhip It (Devo Cover)02:11

  • Moon UnitWhip It (Devo Cover)03:52

  • DananananaykroydWhip It (Devo Cover)02:36

  • Love And DeathWhip It (Devo Cover)03:07

  • Love And Death2. Whip It (Devo Cover) ©201303:08

  • CollideWhip It (Devo Cover)03:31

  • DeathDevoclash Medley (Whip It (Devo Cover02:16

  • Take A Worm For A Walk WeekWhip It (Devo Cover)01:46

  • Powerman 5000Whip It (Devo Cover)02:40

  • Powerman 5000Whip It (Devo Cover)02:38

  • LOVE And DEATH (Brian "Head" Welch-ex.KORN)Whip It (DEVO Cover)03:07

  • Brian "Head" WelchWhip It (Devo Cover)03:07

  • Various ArtistsWhip It - Devo02:39

  • Leaether StripWhip It (DEVO Cover)02:38