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  • Lovelyz (러블리즈)Stranger (feat. Whee Sung (Baby Soul Solo)03:52

  • Whee SungNight And Day03:40

  • M-FloI'm Da 1 (Loves Whee Sung)06:24

  • Whee SungInsomnia (кор)03:27

  • Whee SungOJ (ft. Ailee)02:44

  • Baby SoulStranger (feat. Whee Sung)04:07

  • Kil GunA U Ready MV FEAT. Whee Sung04:14

  • Whee SungMusic (ft. Ailee)03:45

  • Whee SungMy Way03:57

  • BabysoulStranger (feat. Whee Sung)03:52

  • Whee SungHeartsore Story03:20

  • 휘성Whee Sung불면증Insomnia03:26

  • Whee Sung & AileeThey Are Coming03:32

  • 휘성 (Whee Sung)가슴 시린 이야기 (feat.용준형)03:21

  • Whee SungEven Thought Of Marriage03:30

  • Whee SungPath Of Tears03:50

  • Whee SungWith Me03:30

  • Whee SungNight And Day (Instrumental Ver.)03:40

  • Whee Sung가슴 시린 이야기 (feat.용준형)03:21

  • Whee SungGirls04:04

  • 헤이즈 (HEIZE)Me, Myself & I (Feat. Jessi 제시,Whee Sung 휘성)[Prod. By Verbal Jint 버벌진트]03:14

  • Whee Sung별이 지다03:58

  • Whee Sung Ft. Craig DavidInsomnia03:46

  • Whee Sung (휘성)Insomnia (불면증)03:26

  • Whee Sung (휘성)One Kiss03:23

  • Whee SungInsomnia03:26

  • M-flo Loves WHEE SUNGI'M DA 1 (Tongarinipopo No Kimchi Joseyo Mix)06:13

  • Whee Sung EngIn Life And Death04:28

  • M-flo Loves WHEE SUNGI'M DA 106:24

  • Whee Sung (휘성) Feat. Yong Jun Hyung (용준형) From BEASTWords That Freeze My Heart (가슴 시린 이야기)03:20

  • Se7en06 아쉬운 이별 Whee Sung / 휘성/Se7en03:57

  • Whee SungInsomnia03:27

  • M-floI'M DA 1 <トンガリニポポのキムチジョセヨMIX> / Loves WHEE SUNG06:13

  • M-flo Ft Whee SungI'm Da 106:24

  • Whee SungWords That Freeze My Heart (feat. JunHyung [Beast])03:20

  • Whee Sung (휘성)The Story That Can't Be Told (전할 수 없는 이야기)04:19