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  • M*obyWh*ere Yo*u En*d03:18

  • =Kill =Pari=sI Lo=ve Y=ou L=ana De= R=ey (Wh=ere =I Left My= Heart)03:31

  • DmxWh.ere The Ho.od A.t04:46

  • P.oets Of Th.e F.allWh.ere D.o W.e D.raw Th.e L.ine05:13

  • N*ick Cave & Ky*lie MinougeWh*ere The *Wild Roses Grow03:57

  • An D Re Sal M OnWh Ere Is Th E Sal Mon06:31

  • Nick C Ave And T He Ba D SeedsWh Ere The Wild R Oses Grow (With Kylie Minogue)04:00

  • Evanescen=ceWh=ere Wil=l Y=ou G=o03:57

  • Ma.rnie Wh.ere W.e're W.e Don't Need Roads.02:59