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  • Celine DionWater From The Moon04:39

  • Алексанян АндраникWater From The Moon04:42

  • #158 David LanzWater From The Moon05:31

  • Celine DionWater From The Moon04:37

  • Riverdogs(1990)Water From The Moon04:40

  • Silence Of Emotion-Celine DionWater From The Moon04:38

  • David LanzWater From The Moon05:37

  • 37 TargetsWater From The Moon01:32

  • Surreal MadridWater From The Moon03:59

  • David LanzWater From The Moon05:31

  • French ImpressionWater From The Moon04:10

  • Андроник АWater From The Moon04:42

  • Celine DionWater From The Moon04:38

  • RiverdogsWater From The Moon04:41

  • Corey HartWater From The Moon03:47

  • David LanzWater From The Moon05:35

  • America OlivoWater From The Moon(Klubjumpers)04:27

  • David LanzWater From The Moon [Live]05:51

  • David Lanz - Nightfall(1985)05.Water From The Moon05:31

  • Lee RitenourWater From The Moon05:33

  • Aleka MetaxaWater From The Moon Mix (October 2013)01:09:10

  • P.I.C.Heaven ("Water From The Moon", 1985)04:41

  • America Olivo- Water From The Moon(Klubjumpers)04:27

  • David Lanz5. Water From The Moon05:35

  • 12Water From The Moon05:37

  • P.I.C.Water From The Moon (1985)06:42

  • David LanzWATER FROM THE MOON05:36

  • Céline Dion*Celine Dion-1992 11* Water From The Moon04:39

  • Mats RonanderWater From The Moon03:44

  • Mats RonanderWater From The Moon03:45

  • GRP Super Live In ConcertWater From The Moon/Earth Run06:38

  • RiverdogsWater From The Moon (as Recorded On KNAC, Los Angeles)04:43

  • Fall From GraceShe Tastes Like Water From The Moon05:55

  • Celine DionWater From The Moon04:40

  • RiverdogsWater From The Moon04:40

  • P.I.C.Water From The Moon06:47

  • Francisco Pais1.Water From The Moon08:40

  • P.I.C.Water From The Moon06:42

  • Lee RitenourWater From The Moon (vol. Earth Run, 1986)05:33

  • Celine DionWater From The Moon (instrumental)04:28

  • Corey HartWater From The Moon03:44

  • Dave Grusin / Lee Ritenour / Chick Corea / Diane Schuur / Tom ScottWater From The Moon / Earth Run06:38