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  • Warbreed Àëûé Ñíåã (Blood-Red Snow)5:02

  • Sons Of Northern Mist Warbreed3:04

  • Warbreed The Hidden Legacy (Intro)1:56

  • Warbreed Nightfall Over Auschwitz4:03

  • Warbreed Sippenhaft4:01

  • Warbreed Sippenhaft4:04

  • Warbreed Rotterdam In Flames4:47

  • Warbreed So Cry Havoc... (Demo 2006)21:47

  • Warbreed Bound For Ultima Thule5:38

  • Warbreed The Homecoming4:48

  • Warbreed The Fault Is Not In Our Stars... (EP 2010)13:36

  • Warbreed The Spandau Enigma3:59

  • Warbreed History Undone (2008)62:38

  • Warbreed The Forging Of Glory And Decay - Part I4:38

  • Warbreed Silence And The Beast4:08

  • Warbreed The Hour Of The Wolf Of Glory And Decay - Part II4:44

  • Warbreed A Little Lesson Of History5:35

  • Warbreed The Spandau Enigma4:00

  • Warbreed Rendition Of The Truth (outro)1:44

  • Warbreed Another Unknown Soldier (Instrumental)2:21

  • Warbreed The Tower Of Babel Is Not That Far4:35

  • Warbreed Son Of Dystopia4:59

  • Warbreed Rhetoric Of Greed4:01

  • Warbreed The Homecoming4:48

  • Warbreed Another Unknown Soldier Instr2:21