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  • Qu Wanting 曲婉婷Qu Wanting – Wo De Ge Sheng Li 我的歌声里03:34

  • Wanting QuDrenched (Chillout Remix)02:49

  • ♥ Wanting Qu (曲婉婷)Jar Of Love ♥03:49

  • Gerald KoYou Exist In My Song - Wanting Qu03:21

  • Wanting QuDrenched03:56

  • Wanting QuLife Is Like A Song02:50

  • Wanting QuYou Exist In My Song03:36

  • Wanting Qu (曲婉婷 )没有什么不同04:48

  • Wanting QuSay The Words06:11

  • Wanting QuStar In You With04:14

  • Wanting QuLove Ocean (China)03:42

  • Wanting QuTime My Friend03:22

  • Wanting QuUntied03:46

  • Wanting QuAnxiety04:00

  • ♥ Wanting Qu (曲婉婷)我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song) ♥03:34

  • Wanting QuYou Exist In My Song04:12

  • НеизвестенWo De Ge Sheng Li - Wanting Qu03:54

  • Qu Wanting Qu WantingYou Exist In My Songs Instrumental03:32

  • Wanting QuJar Of Love03:47

  • Wanting Qu (曲婉婷)Jar Of Love03:50

  • Wanting QuSad That I Can Not Sleep On Your Side `06:06

  • 89 - 曲婉婷 (Wanting Qu)我的歌聲裡03:34

  • 曲婉婷( Wanting Qu )Your Girl03:41

  • 曲婉婷( Wanting Qu )Love Birds03:52

  • Wanting QuUs Under The Sunshine04:28

  • [FOR ME] Wanting QuDrenched (02:49

  • Wanting QuWo De Ge Sheng Li02:32

  • 曲婉婷( Wanting Qu )Moon And Back (JordanXL Remix)03:30

  • Wanting QuEverything In The World03:50

  • 曲婉婷(Wanting Qu)我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song)03:34

  • Wanting Qu (曲婉婷)Drenched03:56

  • Wanting QuJar Of Love03:49

  • Wanting Qu我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song)04:12

  • Wanting QuIf Only Just03:55