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  • Костя БочаровUprising ( Muse Cover)03:39

  • MÉLOVIN - Костя Бочаров Live (Xfactor)Uprising (Muse Cover)03:39

  • Chelsey AndersenUprising (Muse Cover)04:21

  • BlondieCall Me / Uprising (Muse) (Live At O2 Academy, Bournemouth, 2010)04:26

  • IwrestledabearonceUprising (Muse Cover)04:16

  • Andra DayUprising (Muse Cover)03:35

  • Das Sound MachineUprising (Muse Cover)01:47

  • WrongwayUprising (Muse Cover)04:13

  • Uprising Muse Cover By Bethany HartUprising Muse Cover By Bethany Hart03:45

  • Nick MelovinUprising (Muse Cover)03:39

  • ХеробринUprising- Muse (Cover By Bethany Hart)03:45

  • SparzanzaUprising (Muse Cover)04:26

  • The Black SuitsUprising - Muse (Electro Cover)(Experemental)03:29

  • В моем исполненииUprising (Muse)03:58

  • Janis DannerUprising (Muse Cover)03:20

  • Midnite String QuartetUprising (Muse Cover)03:50

  • VoicedudeBackstreet Uprising (Muse Vs. Backstreet Boys)05:08

  • Denis InkUprising (Muse Cover, Опробывал синтезатор)00:45

  • Fazil OzmenUprising (Muse Cover)02:24

  • Артём МельниковUprising (Muse Cover)04:18

  • Spectral EyeUprising (Muse Cover)05:22

  • The VeronicasUprising (Muse Cover)03:02

  • Firew HendersonUprising (Muse Cover)05:43

  • MÉLOVIN - Костя Бочаров LiveUprising (Muse Cover)03:39

  • Rockabye Baby!Uprising (Muse Cover)04:01

  • Maria & RichardUprising (Muse Acoustic Cover)03:09

  • МыUprising (Muse Cover)04:15

  • Андрей СадоUprising (muse Cover)05:02

  • МыUprising (Muse Cover) [remaster]04:10

  • Костя Бочаров (MÉLOVIN)Uprising (Muse Cover)03:39

  • Hotrod FrankieUprising (Muse Cover)03:17