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  • Aaron LewisTurn The Page [Metallica/Bob Seger Cover]05:21

  • Killers Of The MindTurn The Page(Metallica Cover)06:06

  • AaronTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)06:07

  • ROCKBob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Turn The Page (Metallica Cover)05:03

  • Январь - 2012 - диск 2 - 01 - Aaron Lewis Of Staind - Turn The Page (Metallica Cover)Без названия06:07

  • Vitamin PianoTurn The Page (metallica Cover)03:49

  • Кирилл НифонтовTurn The Page(Metallica)05:21

  • Aaron LewisTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)05:21

  • Klematis Turn The Page(metallica Cover(Live At Grey Horse)04:15

  • Wax AngelTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)05:13

  • Golden Earring '95Turn The Page ( Metallica Cover)05:33

  • MetallicaTurn The Page(Metallica Piano Cover)05:37

  • Golden Earring 95'Turn The Page (Metallica Cover)05:33

  • StanTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)03:08

  • Bob SegerTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)05:03

  • Aaron LewisTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)06:07

  • StaindTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)06:07

  • KlematisTurn The Page [Metallica Cover]04:15

  • Антон ШиряевTurn The Page ( Metallica Cover )01:38

  • Андрей ВалькириTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)06:06

  • AntonTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)06:00

  • Андрей ВTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)06:06

  • Порадовали ДенюTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)04:06

  • Li†a Swee†hea†Turn The Page (Metallica)03:20

  • The Dead Flag BluesTurn The Page [Metallica Cover] (Live)04:59

  • Metallica CoverTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)04:06

  • A_s_KTurn The Page (Metallica Vocal Cover)06:00

  • Wax Angel моя любимаяTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)05:13

  • MaxTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)05:13

  • StaindTurn The Page (Metallica Live Cover)06:07

  • ..ιllιlι.ιl. Sargis HovakimyanTurn The Page [Metallica Unplugged Cover]03:37

  • Golden EarringTurn The Page(Metallica Cover)05:33

  • Silence ReasonTurn The Page (metallica Cover)05:33

  • Сергей ФроловичTurn The Page (Metallica. Bob Seger)03:47

  • Black Holly-daysTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)00:51

  • Dead LineTurn The Page ( Metallica Cover) 17010904:38

  • Iv IstTurn The Page (Metallica_cover_репа)03:51

  • ..ιllιlι.ιl. Rehearsal ExperimentsTurn The Page [Metallica]04:41

  • Beat Devils & FriendsTurn The Page ( Metallica Cover)03:31

  • A_s_KTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)06:00

  • Aaron Lewis Of StaindTurn The Page (Metallica Cover)06:07

  • Bob SegerTurn The Page (metallica)05:03