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  • The KinleysPlease03:34

  • The KinleysYou're Still Here03:12

  • The KinleysI'm In03:37

  • The KinleysPlease (Single Version)02:57

  • The KinleysYou Make It Seem So Easy (Radio Remix)03:22

  • The KinleysI'm In04:56

  • The KinleysHere (Album Version)02:57

  • The KinleysMe Too (Album Version)03:36

  • The KinleysPlease (Single Version)03:34

  • The KinleysThat's Gonna Mess You Up (Album Version)02:58

  • The KinleysJust Between You And Me03:34

  • The KinleysTalk To Me (Album Version)03:21

  • The KinleysTakin' Our Own Sweet Time (Album Version)03:27

  • The KinleysLove Rules (Album Version)03:05

  • The KinleysWhen The Blues And My Baby Collide (Album Version)03:28

  • The KinleysJust Between You And Me (Album Version)03:34

  • The KinleysContradiction (Album Version)03:38

  • The KinleysLovers (Album Version)02:56

  • The KinleysSomebody's Out There Watching (Album Version)03:35

  • The KinleysThe Real Thing (Album Version)03:21

  • The KinleysI'm In (Album Version)04:56

  • The Kinleys (_)Somebody's Out There Watching03:49

  • The KinleysIf Ever I Needed You (Album Version)03:43

  • The KinleysSomebody's Out There Watching03:49

  • The KinleysI Need You Now03:19

  • The KinleysShe Ain't The Girl For You03:31

  • The KinleysI Need You Now (Album Version)03:19

  • The KinleysIf Ever I Needed You03:43

  • The KinleysShe Ain't The Girl For You (Album Version)03:31

  • 05.12.2010 - New Country - 1The Kinleys - Im In04:57

  • Ameritz Karaoke EntertainmentYou're Still Here (In The Style Of The Kinleys) [Karaoke Version]03:08

  • The KinleysYou're Still Here (Album Version)03:12

  • The Kinleys(Ooh, Aah) Crazy Kind Of Love Thing (Album Version)03:46

  • The KinleysI'm Me With You (Album Version)02:59

  • The KinleysDance In The Boat (Album Version)03:21