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  • SlipknotThe Dev06:07

  • НеизвестенSeo Min Young - Mawang(the Dev02:02

  • 6666-th GATE (DANCE WITH THE DEV01:27

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Dez Moines04:03

  • SkrillexThe Dev Den (Spol Remix)04:10

  • Far East Movement Ft. The Dev And CataractsLike A G603:40

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Revive04:53

  • Jess And The Ancient OnesThe Dev04:01

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Wapakalypse03:43

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Bbrakowns09:04

  • Medusa In My KnickersDance With The Dev04:49

  • GirlschoolRace With The Dev02:52

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Texas Is South06:07

  • Laurent EyquemThe Dev’l Among The Tailors01:42

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Louder Than Thunder02:37

  • The Dev Ft. TimbalandGet The Feeling03:17

  • Timbaland Feat. The DevGet The Feeling03:17

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365AssistantToThe Regional Manager03:37

  • The Devil's RejectsBrave Awakening Brave Awakening The Dev06:19

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Swords, Dragons, And Diet Coke04:07

  • 0566666-Th Gate (Dance With The Dev03:22

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365The Gauntlet Of Solitude02:46

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Don't Dink And Drance02:59

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365HTMLl Rulez D00d03:55

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Outnumbered04:50

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Spongebob Grindpants00:54

  • A Day To Remember & The DevI'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of03:00

  • НеизвестенGo To The Dev. 304:01

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Rosemary Had An Accident01:03

  • Diamanda GalasYou Must Be Certain Of The Dev04:53

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over03:29

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Sassafras03:15

  • Илья Иофф (скрипка), Игорь Урьяш (фортепиано) / Ilia Ioff, Igor UryashДж. Тартини - Соната соль минор "Дьявольские трели", III часть / G. Tartini - Sonate G-moll "The Dev07:36

  • Angus & Julia StoneAngus & Julia Stone - The Dev04:47

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Survivor04:31

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Hey John, What's Your Name Again?03:46

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Number Three, Never Forget03:41

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Still Fly04:55

  • НеизвестенGo To The Dev. 204:01

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Gauntlet Of Solitude02:41

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Who Speaks Spanish, Colon Quesadilla03:58

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365Nickels Is Money Too04:07

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365You Can't Spell Crap Without03:30

  • Ⱦḩɇ ḎɇⱴἶỊ ₩ɇⱥṝṥ ₱ṝⱥḏ&#11365AndThe Sentence Trails Off...........04:13