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  • The CortinasTelevision Families02:21

  • The CortinasI Don't Really Want To Get Involved02:18

  • The CortinasHeartache04:50

  • The CortinasDefiant Pose02:39

  • The CortinasTribe Of The City03:38

  • MacDonald Flak And The Ack Ack PackThe Cortina Kidz (Factory Floor Remix)07:20

  • The CortinasHaving It02:13

  • The CortinasFirst I Look At The Purse02:27

  • The CortinasFurther Education02:48

  • The CortinasHave It With You01:59

  • The CortinasHeartache04:18

  • The CortinasAsk Mr Waverly03:36

  • The CortinasFurther Education02:25

  • The CortinasIndependence03:10

  • The CortinasIndependence03:08

  • The CortinasFascist Dictator02:35

  • A Trip To ToytownThe Cortinas02:41

  • The CortinasPhoebe's Flower Shoppe02:41

  • The CortinasHeartache04:45

  • The CortinasTelevision Families02:20

  • The CortinasI Trust Valerie Singleton02:04

  • The CortinasFascist Dictator02:37

  • The CortinasPhoebe's Flower Shoppe("A Trip To Toytown")02:41

  • The CortinasIndependence03:04

  • A1. MacDonald Flack And The Ack-Ack PackThe Cortina Kidz (Lipelis Remix) [snippet]02:00

  • The CortinasYouth Club Dance02:52

  • The CortinasFascist Dictator02:38

  • The CortinasFirst I Look At The Pursе02:27

  • The CortinasFascist Dictator02:33

  • The CortinasTelevision Families02:22

  • B1. MacDonald Flack And The Ack-Ack PackThe Cortina Kidz (Lipelis Dub Mix) [snippet]02:00