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  • Xiang SihuaFisherman¡¯s Song At South Sea06:14

  • Xiang SihuaDrum-shooting On Incense Mountain04:57

  • Xiang SihuaJackdaws Playing In The Water《寒鸦戏水》05:24

  • Xiang SihuaThe Happy Irrigation Ditch05:11

  • Xiang SihuaA Fishing Boat Song At Dusk03:10

  • Xiang SihuaA Fisher Girl's Song07:08

  • Xiang Sihua高山流水 (High Mountains Flowing Water)05:20

  • Xiang SihuaA Vulture Pounced On The Crane03:29

  • Xiang SihuaSpring Dawn On Snowy Mountain04:16

  • Xiang SihuaFlower Picking02:36

  • Xiang SihuaJackdaws Playing In The Water05:24

  • Xiang SihuaThe Tune Of Qin Mulberry05:03

  • Xiang SihuaLofty Mountains And Flowing Waters05:25

  • Xiang SihuaVoice Of My Heart04:28

  • Xiang SihuaThe Source Of Flower06:13

  • Xiang SihuaFishermen's Song In The Evening03:08

  • Xiang SihuaThe Moon Is High In The Sky07:38

  • Xiang SihuaLofty Mountains And Flowing Water03:14

  • Xiang SihuaLady Wenji Returned To Han Dynasty12:46

  • Xiang SihuaBuddha's Halo In Emei06:03

  • Xiang SihuaHigh Mountains And Flowing Water05:26