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  • Danny ElfmanTa-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay; Cupid's Arrow; Change Of Expression (Scrooged OST)01:32

  • Danny ElfmanChez Jay String Quartet (Composed By W.A. Mozart) (Scrooged OST)02:42

  • Elmer BernsteinJoy To The World (Composed By G.F. Handel, F. Watts) (Scrooged OST)00:55

  • Scrooge [OST]Thank You Very Much '70 (KH VidEO)03:30

  • Danny ElfmanSet Collapse (Scrooged OST)00:20

  • Danny ElfmanThe Hand Grab (Scrooged OST)01:51

  • Danny ElfmanWild Cab Ride (Scrooged OST)01:34

  • Danny ElfmanShowtime At IBC (Scrooged OST)01:06

  • Danny ElfmanEliot Gives Blood; Christmas Present (Scrooged OST)01:00

  • Danny ElfmanLew's Reprise (Scrooged OST)00:50

  • Danny ElfmanJingle Bells (Composed By James Pierpont) (Scrooged OST)01:46

  • Danny ElfmanCrematorium (More Percussion) (Scrooged OST)01:31

  • Danny ElfmanClaire's Theme I; Claire's Theme II (Scrooged OST)01:15

  • Danny ElfmanThe Big Speech (Alternate) (Scrooged OST)03:16

  • Danny ElfmanMontage - Frank's Award And Eliot On The Street (Scrooged OST)01:39

  • Danny ElfmanAsylum; Luncheon; Crematorium; On Fire (Scrooged OST)03:49

  • Danny ElfmanFrank's Promo (Scrooged OST)00:46

  • Danny ElfmanThe Big Speech (Scrooged OST)01:26

  • Danny ElfmanEliot Stalks Frank (Scrooged OST)01:08

  • Danny ElfmanToast To Frank (Scrooged OST)00:33

  • Danny ElfmanToast To Frank (Alternate) (Scrooged OST)00:34

  • Danny ElfmanThe Big Freeze (Scrooged OST)01:25

  • Danny ElfmanTa-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay (Alternate) (Scrooged OST)00:41

  • Danny ElfmanAsylum (No Choir) (Scrooged OST)00:57

  • Danny ElfmanLew's Arrival (Scrooged OST)02:04

  • Danny ElfmanFairy (Scrooged OST)02:15

  • Danny ElfmanThe Big Freeze (Alternate Mix) (Scrooged OST)01:27

  • Danny ElfmanThe Big Freeze (Alternate) (Scrooged OST)01:26

  • Danny ElfmanMain Title; Terrorist Attack (Scrooged OST)02:33

  • Danny ElfmanFrisbee The Dog (Scrooged OST)00:57

  • Danny ElfmanHallelujah Chorus (G.F. Handel); The Romp (Scrooged OST)02:15

  • Buster PoindexterBrown Eyed Girl (Scrooged OST)03:34

  • Dan Hartman & Denise LopezThe Love You Take (Scrooged OST)04:21

  • Danny ElfmanA Horror In Chez Jay; Highball; Waiter Ablaze (Scrooged OST)01:20

  • Alan SilvestriMarley's Ghost Visits Scrooge(OST A Christmas Carol)06:12

  • Miles Davis, Larry Carlton, David Sanborn & Paul ShafferWe Three Kings Of Orient Are (Scrooged OST)04:43

  • Annie Lennox & Al GreenPut A Little Love In Your Heart (Scrooged OST)03:48

  • Danny ElfmanFamily Portrait; Ghost On Screen (Scrooged OST)00:49

  • Danny ElfmanEliot Gets Fired; Loud And Clear; Frank's Run (Scrooged OST)01:20

  • Danny ElfmanLoud And Clear (Alternate) (Scrooged OST)00:26