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  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryGeese Howard03:20

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryTerry Bogart03:17

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryBob Wilson03:21

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryHon Fu03:15

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OSTThat S Geese!! - Geese Howard Stage 102:59

  • Real Bout:fatal FurySokaku Michizuru03:15

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryJin Chronei03:13

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OSTKissed By Geese - Geese Howard Stage 202:53

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryMai Shiranui03:13

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OSTN.D.R - Billy Kane Stage03:39

  • M.U.G.E.NReal Bout Fatal Fury Special04:29

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryJin Chonsu03:21

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryKim Kapwhan03:20

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryFranco Bash03:15

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryAndy Bogart03:13

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OST - Big ShotFemme Fatale (intro)02:41

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OST - Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash BazDuck04:03

  • Garou Densetsu Real Bout 2Get The Sky - With Your Dream (Alfred Airhawk)03:37

  • Real Bout: Fatal Fury SpecialLaurence Blood's Theme (arranged)04:13

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OSTC62 Shirokuni - Ryuji Yamazaki Stage03:19

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OSTWhite Franco - Franco Bash Stage03:08

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OSTTAKU HATSU - Sokaku Mochizuki Stage02:51

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryBilly Kane03:22

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryDuck King03:20

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OSTTaste Of Crocodile - Joe Higashi Stage02:31

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryBlue Mary03:15

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OST - The BartlebeesA Taste Of Honey02:30

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OST - Matthew ShippChi02:56

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury 2Billy Kane Theme03:00

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury OSTThunder Surge - Andy Bogard Stage02:32

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryJoe Higashi03:13

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryRyuji Yamazaki03:19

  • Vestron VultureReal Bout03:55

  • REAL BOUT (FATAL FURY) SPECIAL: DOMINATED MIND (PSone)Blue Mary's Blues (Ending)06:37

  • Real Bout:Fatal FuryGeese Howard(2 Theme)03:16

  • Harumi IkomaBlue Mary's Blues (Real Bout Fatal Fury Special OST)06:43

  • Fatal Fury 3 - Real Bout Fatal FuryGeese Howard 2 Theme03:04