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  • To The Rats And WolvesYoung.Used.Wasted (Post-Hardcore.RU)00:03

  • This Wild LifeRe: Snakes And Rats00:03

  • SkrillexCat Rats00:05

  • To The Rats And WolvesDie Young (Kesha Cover)00:03

  • To The Rats And WolvesBlackout (Post-Hardcore.COM)00:03

  • To The Rats And WolvesYoung.Used.Wasted. (BREAKDOWN SHOW)00:01

  • PADDY AND THE RATSWe Are One (Tales From The Docks, 2012)00:03

  • HeightsStray Rats (Post-Hardcore.RU)00:02

  • To The Rats And WolvesThe Captain's Dead00:04

  • The Boomtown RatsLeading The Rats00:04

  • Mr.KittyGhosts (Post-Hardcore.COM)00:03

  • THE DOORSRoadsick (Post-Hardcore.COM)00:01

  • Paddy And The RatsRed River Prince00:03

  • To The Rats And WolvesSchoolyard Warfare (Post-Hardcore.COM)00:05

  • To The Rats And WolvesHome'sick00:04

  • Paddy And The RatsRats (SCB Edit)00:03

  • Paddy And The RatsTheir Lost Tale00:03

  • To The Rats And WolvesFeed The Rats00:03

  • Dune Rats31. BONES - Rats00:03

  • Paddy And The Rats03. Rats In The Cellar00:03

  • TerrorRats Square00:07

  • Frank Zappa (Hot Rats, 1969)Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus Cover)00:03

  • TeamSESHPilgrim On The Road00:01

  • Aerosmith [Rocks, 1976]Mr. Nightmare00:01

  • To The Rats And WolvesRats Racing00:03

  • RooftopsIn R'lyeh It Sleeps 200:02

  • Paddy And The RatsLet's Go, Johnny!00:04

  • Paddy And The RatsI Always See You00:03

  • Paddy And The RatsCats Rats00:01

  • DJ Johny BeastGuilty Till I'm 2100:05

  • Sea RatsNeon Heart00:06

  • The Boomtown RatsLion's Mouth (Daniel) [Rats : 2012]00:03

  • BalthazarTemple Of Rats00:03

  • FRANK ZAPPA - Hot Rats (1969)05. The Gumbo Variations00:03

  • As Paradise FallsIn The City Of Sin The Rats Are Kings00:03

  • Glass CloudWhat You Waited For00:03

  • POLTVA RATSBlackwood's Adventures Sonata00:04

  • The Hot RatsTrapped Like Rats00:02

  • To The Rats And Wolves10. Rat Trap00:06

  • SkrillexThe House, In Dust00:02

  • Sea RatsDrive My Car (The Beatles Cover )00:02

  • Mr.KittyGlamour & Beauty00:03

  • Sea RatsCat Rats (Vortepik Speed Edit)00:04

  • To The Rats And WolvesМертвецки Пьян00:05

  • The VirusRats In The City00:16

  • Paddy And The RatsPilgrim On The Road (Acoustic MR2)00:02

  • Paddy And The RatsComposition II00:03

  • FRANK ZAPPA - Hot Rats (1969)02. Willie The Pimp00:01

  • Dune Rats09. Kill The DJ (feat. Sushi Biesler Of Eskimo Callboy)00:04

  • To The Rats And WolvesOld Wive's Tale00:02

  • Paddy And The RatsDrunken Tuesday00:04

  • Paddy And The RatsRats In My Bedroom00:05

  • Paddy And The RatsCats-Rats (Original Vox Mix)00:02

  • To The Rats And WolvesRats & Raccoons00:03

  • DJ Johnny BeastOde Aux Rats00:04

  • Rainy MiloRats Detected00:03

  • Jarle BernhoftBranle Du Rats00:03

  • Emmanuel BoozThe Edge Of Life00:03

  • To The Rats And WolvesClock Strikes Midnight00:04

  • Paddy And The RatsRats (One For The Soon)00:04

  • Paddy And The RatsMary Of The 4th Form (Single Version)00:04

  • The Boomtown RatsPogo Beer Abu Kabir00:03

  • The Surf RatsRATS (Snippet) [Prod. Tyler, The Creator]00:03

  • Earl SweatshirtRats Eyes00:14

  • Black Flag05. Wolves In L.A00:03

  • To The Rats And WolvesSchoolyard Warfare00:09

  • To The Rats And WolvesDrink To Our Mistakes00:02

  • To The Rats And Wolves00:03

  • Devendra Banhart00:04

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