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  • Loser LifeUndressing You With My Mind03:28

  • Loser LifeFriends With A Demon03:59

  • Loser LifeRusty Hooks03:03

  • Loser LifeAngry At The Rain03:28

  • Loser LifeBall Of Bread01:50

  • Loser LifeIt's All Over02:20

  • Loser LifeWriting The Book On How To Become A Monster.02:51

  • Loser LifeThings Will Never Change02:18

  • Loser LifeMy Hell02:28

  • Loser LifeCashing In01:53

  • Loser LifeFake Life02:02

  • Loser LifeNo Eye Contact02:37

  • Loser LifeHard To Please02:20

  • Loser LifeBakersfield01:03

  • Loser LifeSo Much Shit03:01

  • Loser LifeForget My Name02:06

  • Loser LifeMocking You03:15

  • Loser LifeCrash Course02:58

  • Loser LifeDiscontent01:50

  • Loser LifeSomeone I Used To Know01:54

  • Loser LifePathetic Existence01:49

  • Loser LifeErase Today02:06

  • Loser LifeGrowing Up02:22

  • Loser LifeLife Number Two02:30

  • Loser LifeUndressing You With My Mind03:19

  • Loser LifeI Have Ghosts03:53

  • Loser LifeHating The Sun02:14