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  • Jackie RossSelfish One03:20

  • Jackie RossSummertime03:38

  • Jackie RossSelfish One03:19

  • Jackie RossHard Times02:31

  • Jackie RossSelfish One03:18

  • Jackie RossEverything But Love02:48

  • Jackie RossSelfish One03:16

  • Jackie RossHold Me (SAR)02:33

  • Jackie RossBe Sure You Know02:59

  • Jackie RossDynamite Lovin'02:24

  • Jackie RossDon't Take My Love02:51

  • Jacky RossJerk And Twine02:29

  • Jackie RossI've Got The Skill02:54

  • Jackie RossTrust In Me02:55

  • Jackie RossHard Times02:34

  • Jackie RossI Wanna Hear It From You02:31

  • Jackie RossChange Your Ways03:24

  • Jackie RossHaste Makes Waste02:19

  • Jackie RossDynamite Lovin02:16

  • Jackie RossMisty04:02

  • Jackie RossTake Me For A Little While02:32

  • Jackie RossWasting Time03:20

  • Jackie RossI Had A Talk With My Man03:37

  • Jackie RossDynamite Lovin'02:17

  • Jackie RossTake Me For A Little While (Trade Martin / Evie Sands Cover)02:32

  • Jackie RossSummertime03:39

  • Jackie RossA Woman (Get's Nothing From Love)03:40

  • Jacky RossTake Me For A Little While02:32

  • Jackie RossSelfish One(VA - Rythm And Blues - Lost And Found )03:15

  • Jackie RossThe World Needs More People Like You02:54

  • Jackie RossI Can't Stand To See You Go03:02

  • Jackie RossHold Me02:34

  • Jackie RossLove Is Easy To Lose02:32

  • Jackie RossI've Got The Skill03:04

  • Jackie RossI Like Your Loving03:03

  • Jackie RossJerk & Twine (Soul Cargo Vol. 2)02:36

  • Jackie RossJerk & Twine02:36

  • Jackie RossNew Lover02:57