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  • Fort MinorSpray Paint And Ink Pens (Instrumental & Speed Up)03:20

  • WhamLast Christmas (Instrumental Speed)04:35

  • Rings Of SaturnGodless Times(instrumental, +++ Speed)03:00

  • JitaflickNo Bendin (Instrumental Speed Up)03:13

  • Coldplay InstrumentalSpeed Of Sound04:43

  • InstrumentalSpeed Bump (Prod. By Jack Ellis)03:12

  • The SynthesisFame & Fortune (instrumental) (speed -23)04:20

  • East Of The RockMr. Producer (Instrumental Speed Up)03:17

  • Celine DionThat's The Way It Is (instrumental)SPEED CHARACTER- Celestina (Zoophobia)- Vivziepop03:35

  • IOWAБьет бит (Instrumental) Speed Up03:18

  • Beanie Sigel Ft. R. City Go Low (Instrumental) Speed Up Version03:59

  • НеизвестенFame & Fortune (instrumental) (speed -23)04:20

  • Huygens Atmospheric Structure InstrumentSpeeding Through Titan's Haze01:42

  • InstrumentalSpeed Air Man02:15

  • Pete RockRevenge (Muro Remix Instrumental) (Speed Up)03:01

  • Lou XMuvet'A'Ggà (instrumental Speed Up)04:31

  • TøpFairly Local (instrumental Speed Up)00:45

  • Tung TwistaSuicide (Remix Instrumental Speed Up)03:55

  • DJ RenegadeHell 4 A Hustla (instrumental Speed Up)04:06

  • Cerebral Vortex & Erik LNever Fall In Love Feat. Stray (Instrumental Speed Up)03:33

  • BodyroxYeah Yeah (Instrumental Speed Remix) 201203:51

  • M SlashFeel It! (Instrumental Speed Up)03:36

  • D12Purple Pills - Instrumental Speed X2%04:35

  • Fort MinorSpray Paint And Ink Pens (Instrumental & Speed Up) (03:20

  • DJ Pauckuu.GnoM(instrumental)speed01:05

  • Iggy AzaleaWork (Wolf Saga Remix Instrumental Speed 12%)03:55

  • Pete RockRevenge (Muroxanne Instrumental) (Speed Up)02:14

  • Soviet MarchInstrumental (speed 8.5x)03:20

  • Papoose Ft Snoop DoggBang It Out Instrumental(SPEED)03:14

  • Swollen MembersKilling Spree (Instrumental & Speed Up)02:08

  • De_aL (instrumentals)Speed 15301:42

  • CelldwellerFrozen [Instrumental] (Speed +5%, Constantine Trailer)06:17

  • Fort Knox FiveRadio Free D.C. (dcb Instrumental Speed Up)04:49