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  • I, Of Helix [deathcore]Witness The Son Rise (2012)03:49

  • Silent PlanetWasteland (Vechnost) (feat. Nathan Mead Of I, Of Helix)03:29

  • I, Of Helix07. II: Accretions01:24

  • I, Of HelixEvade The Equinox02:06

  • I, Of HelixHorizon Minds07:54

  • I, Of HelixI: Isolations01:29

  • I, Of HelixWitness The Son Rise00:17

  • I, Of Helix [deathcore]II: Accretions (2012)01:24

  • I, Of HelixXXIX07:13

  • I, Of Helix02. Lullaby05:04

  • I, Of Helix08. Witness The Son Rise03:49

  • I, Of Helix [deathcore]Horizon Minds (2012)07:54

  • I, Of HelixLullaby16:56

  • I, Of HelixTheory Of Expansion04:51

  • I, Of Helix [deathcore]Theory Of Expansion (2012)05:05

  • I, Of HelixLullaby05:04

  • I, Of Helix [deathcore]XXIX (feat. Rory Rodriguez) (2012)05:35

  • I, Of HelixXXIX (feat. Rory Rodriguez)01:20

  • I, Of Helix06. Evade The Equinox02:06

  • I, Of Helix05. Horizon Minds07:54

  • I, Of HelixXXIX [feat. Rory Rodriguez] (00:30

  • I, Of HelixXXIX (feat. Rory Rodriguez)05:35

  • I, Of Helix03. I: Isolations01:29

  • I, Of HelixII: Accretions01:24

  • I, Of Helix01. Theory Of Expansion05:05

  • I, Of Helix04. XXIX [feat. Rory Rodriguez]05:35

  • I, Of HelixWitness The Son Rise03:49

  • I, Of HelixTheory Of Expansion05:05

  • I, Of HelixTheory Of Expansion [cut]01:04