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  • .hack//roots OST Silly-Go-Round4:55

  • .hack//roots OST Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis4:35


  • .hack//Roots Friendly Like In A Childhood2:11

  • ALI PROJECT Junkyousha No Yubi (Hack//Roots)4:20

  • .hack//Roots King Knight4:18

  • .hack//roots OST Wolf In Winter1:57

  • .hack//Roots Immoral Cascade2:30

  • .hack//roots OST God Diva4:15

  • ALI PROJECT GOD DIVA (àíèìå Dot Hack/Roots)4:15

  • .hack//Roots Young Knight And Priestess2:31

  • FictionJunction YUUKA Silly-Go-Round TV Ver. (Hack//Roots)1:36

  • .hack//Roots Lost Ground3:11

  • OST .hack ROOTS ALI PROJECT Immoral Cascade2:30

  • Hack Roots1:29

  • .hack//Roots OST 1 From Midst Of Town4:13

  • .Hack//Roots Boukoku Kakusei Catharis4:32

  • .hack//Roots Illness And Ruins2:16

  • Marie Bibika Silly-Go-Round Full (.hack//Roots OP)4:50

  • .hack//Roots OP Silly-go-Round By FictionJunction YUUKA4:55

  • OST .hack ROOTS ALI PROJECT Indian Summer1:55

  • OST .hack ROOTS ALI PROJECT Shining Of Breast3:02

  • .hack//Roots Silly-Go-Round4:55

  • OST .hack//Roots. Ali Project Dwindled Bible2:25

  • KONEKO PROJECT Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis (hack Roots).3:09

  • .hack//roots OST Shining Of Breast3:02

  • .hack//Roots Litle Reliance1:34

  • .hack//Roots Litle Reliance1:34

  • .hack//Roots Junkyousha No Yubi4:20

  • ALI PROJECT Wolf In Winter (.Hack Roots)1:57

  • ALI PROJECT GOD DIVA (.Hack Roots)7:29

  • .hack//Roots OST 1 Indulgence3:05

  • OST .hack ROOTS ALI PROJECT Litle Reliance1:34

  • ALI PROJECT Hakua Byoutou (.Hack Roots)5:10

  • FictionJunction YUUKA Silly-Go-Round (.hack//Roots)4:51

  • OST .hack ROOTS ALI PROJECT Forest Cruise2:10

  • .hack//Roots Indulgence3:05

  • .hack Roots Ost Dwindled Bible2:25

  • Mirin Silly-Go-Round (.hack Roots)11:32

  • .hack//Roots GOD DIVA4:15

  • .hack//Roots Immoral Cascade2:30