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  • One Direction (Artie Abrams, Sam Evans, Mike Chang, Joe Hart, Rory Flanagan)What Makes You Beautiful (OST Glee 3.19)11:00

  • Boyz II Men (Mercedes Jones, Sam Evans)Human Nature (OST Glee 3.11)02:27

  • Glee CastSmooth Criminal (OST Glee 3/11)03:32

  • Glee 3.06You And I03:13

  • [Glee] 3. Lea MicheleMerry Christmas Darling03:05

  • The Sound Of Music (Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones, Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson)My Favorite Things (OST Glee 3.9)02:21

  • Billy Joel (The Warblers)Uptown Girl (OST Glee 3.5)01:30

  • Gotye и Kimbra (Blaine Anderson, Cooper Anderson)Somebody That I Used To Know (OST Glee 3.15)03:00

  • Ella Fitzgerald (Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel)Let It Snow (OST Glee 3.9)02:48

  • Tom Jones (Blaine Anderson)It's Not Unusual (OST Glee 3.01)02:06

  • Irene Cara (Rachel Berry, Tina Cohen-Chang)Flashdance (What A Feeling) (OST Glee 3.20)15:25

  • Michael Jackson (Mercedes Jones, Santana Lopez, Rachel Berry, Artie Abrams, Kurt Hummel, New DirectiBlack Or White (OST Glee 3.11)02:05

  • Michael Jackson (Blaine Anderson, New Directions)Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (OST Glee 3.11)03:27

  • Michael Jackson (Artie Abrams, Santana Lopez, Blaine Anderson, Sebestian Smythe, New Directions, TheBad (OST Glee 3.11)02:05

  • Katy Perry (Blaine Anderson, New Directions)Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) (OST Glee 3.3)03:46

  • Chicago (Mercedes Jones, Tina Cohen-Chang, Santana Lopez, New Directions)Cell Block Tango (OST Glee 3.18)13:05

  • Whitney Houston (Brittany Pierce, Santana Lopez)I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (OST Glee 3.17)04:02

  • The Boy From Oz (Kurt Hummel, Tina Cohen-Chang, Mercedes Jones, Brittany Pierce)Not The Boy Next Door (OST Glee 3.18)02:21

  • Mariah Carey (Mercedes Jones, New Directions)All I Want For Christmas Is You (OST Glee 3.9)04:03

  • [Glee] 3. Glee CastWhatever Happened To Saturday Night?03:06

  • [Glee] 3. Heather Morris Feat. Naya RiveraMe Against The Music03:46

  • [Glee] 3. Matthew MorrisonGold Digger03:01

  • Young The Giant (Blaine Anderson)Cough Syrup (OST Glee 3.14)04:09

  • [Glee] 3. Jane LynchVogue05:15

  • [Glee] 3. Lea Michele Feat. Jonathan GroffHello03:26

  • Janet Jackson (Quinn Fabray, Blaine Anderson, Artie Abrams, New Directions)Control (OST Glee 3.8)03:57

  • Michael Jackson (Finn, Artie, Puckerman, Sam, Blaine, Mike Chang, New Directions)Man In The Mirror (OST Glee 3.8)02:47

  • Mariah CareyAll I Want For Christmas Is You ( Glee 3 сезон 9 серия) I Don't Want A Lot For Christmas There Is Ju03:55

  • Rachel Berry, New DirectionsHere's To Us (OST Glee 3.14)03:01

  • Beyonce (Brittany Pierce, New Directions)Who Run The World - Girls! (OST Glee 3.3)03:56

  • The Wanted (The Warblers)Glad You Came (OST Glee 3.14)03:14