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  • Stardust All Stars Erotica (Originally Performed By Madonna) Instrumental4:50

  • Stardust All Stars Erotica (Instrumental)4:50

  • Hit Crew Masters Erotica (Instrumental Version)4:40

  • Erotica Bad Girl (Instrumental)5:22

  • Madonna Erotica Instrumental5:18

  • Umbra Et Imago Erotica Instrumental9:15

  • Madonna Erotica (Instrumental)5:18

  • Madonna R&D Erotica / You Thrill Me (Confessions Tour Instrumental With Backing Vocals)4:43

  • Madonna Erotica, Pt.2 (Eastern Chant Instrumental Remix)4:53

  • Madonna Erotica - You Thrill Me (Instrumental)4:51

  • Madonna Erotica (Instrumental)5:17

  • Madonna Erotica (Instrumental Demo) Includes Vocal Sample Of Jungle Boogle From Kool And The Gang4:21

  • Erotica Fever (Instrumental)4:57

  • Madonna R&D Erotica (Mastered Instrumental) HQ RIP5:19

  • Madonna R&D Erotica Kenlou B-Boy Instrumental5:48

  • Madonna Erotica (Kenlou B-Boy Instrumental)5:46

  • Madonna R&D Erotica (House Instrumental)4:55

  • Madonna R&D Erotica (Instrumental Demo) Cassette RIP4:21

  • Kirill Bosch Febris Erotica(Instrumental Catharsis Cover)5:24

  • Catharsis Febris Erotica (instrumental Demo Version)5:13

  • Erotica Words (Instrumental)5:55

  • Erotica Secret Garden (Instrumental)5:30

  • Erotica Thief Of Hearts (Instrumental)4:51

  • Erotica In This Life (Instrumental)6:24

  • Erotica Fever 12 (Instrumental)4:54

  • Madonna Erotica (Monsieur Adi Remix) Instrumental4:44

  • Erotica Where Life Begins (Instrumental)5:58

  • The Rain Tapes (The Shep Pettibone Erotica Sessions) Shame (Straight Pass Instrumental)6:31

  • Madonna R&D Erotica (CT Studio Version Instrumental)4:51

  • Erotica Waiting (Instrumental)5:46

  • Erotica Deeper And Deeper (Instrumental)5:34

  • Catharsis Towards The Acme (Instrumental Mix) (02.08.1999) (Febris Erotica Stuff 1999)4:51

  • Madonna Erotica CT Instrumental4:57

  • Madonna Erotica (Instrumental)5:17

  • Erotica Bye Bye Baby (Instrumental)3:56

  • Madonna R&D Erotica (Instrumental) 7 France Single Version5:22

  • Madonna R&D Erotica House Instrumental4:56

  • MADONNA Erotica Instrumental (1992)5:17

  • Erotica Why S It So Hard (Instrumental)5:20

  • Madonna R&D Erotica William Orbit Dub (Instrumental)4:58

  • Madonna Erotica (Samuel Vatican Conspiracy Instrumental)5:19