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  • Dr. SpookensteinMistress Of The Night03:29

  • Dr. SpookensteinRavens On Her Corpse04:40

  • Dr. SpookensteinGristle And Bone03:02

  • Dr. SpookensteinJohnny's Gonna Die02:31

  • Dr. SpookensteinБез названия03:04

  • Dr. SpookensteinInto The Fires04:03

  • Dr. SpookensteinWhen The Moon Comes Calling01:53

  • Dr. SpookensteinDevil Clown Hunts The Town02:56

  • Dr. SpookensteinGristle And Bonе03:03

  • Dr. SpookensteinI Dont Wanna Go To Hell03:59

  • Dr. SpookensteinNatural Born Zombie Killer03:12

  • Dr. SpookensteinInto The Abyss We Stare02:48

  • Dr. SpookensteinLittle Dead Boy03:20

  • Dr. SpookensteinYour Time Is Due02:20

  • Dr. SpookensteinDevil Clown Hunts The Town03:18

  • Dr. SpookensteinI Don't Wanna Go To Hell03:59

  • Dr. SpookensteinFire In The Sky03:34

  • Dr. SpookensteinOn The Black Horizon02:53

  • Dr. SpookensteinGlowing Green Goo02:11

  • Dr. SpookensteinWe Are The Dead02:30

  • Dr. SpookensteinOn A Cool Autumn Night03:57

  • Dr. SpookensteinThe End Of All Things04:31

  • Dr. SpookensteinElectric Chair Boogie02:24

  • Dr. SpookensteinOn The Black Horizon02:55

  • Dr. SpookensteinLittle Green Men02:28

  • Dr. SpookensteinManiac In My Head (Original Recording)02:31

  • Dr. SpookensteinRising From The Dead Is Hard To Do02:27

  • Dr. SpookensteinDawn Of The Dead03:10

  • Dr. SpookensteinI Think I'm Dead02:57