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  • Crysalys The Morning Star (intro)1:03

  • Crysalys When Sirens Sing4:37

  • Crysalys Frozen (Madonna Cover)5:54

  • Crysalys Frozen (Madonna S Cover)5:55

  • Crysalys In Search Of Haven4:27

  • Crysalys Lilium (acoustic Version)4:43

  • Crysalys Scarlet Crusade4:18

  • Crysalys Sun S Gaze In The Maze5:02

  • Crysalys Angels Never Fall5:10

  • Crysalys Time For Vultures3:22

  • Crysalys My Will Be Done4:33

  • Crysalys Lilium5:10

  • Crysalys Everfall4:53

  • Crysalys Frozen (Madonna Cover)5:55

  • Crysalys The Awakening Of Gaia4:35

  • Beto Vazquez Infinity Eyes Of Destiny Feat. Dusk Of Crysalys & Dominique Leurquin Of Rhapsody Of Fire / Luca Turilli S Dreamquest4:05

  • Crysalys Phoenix5:45

  • Crysalys Lilium5:44

  • Crysalys Hellstorm3:51

  • Crysalys By Stars Revealed4:56

  • Crysalys Lilium5:14

  • Crysalys Butterfly Effect5:38

  • Crysalys ...And Let The Innocent Dream4:51

  • Crysalys Angelica3:54

  • Crysalys My Delirium Ft Jacob Bredhal Of Allhelluja3:54

  • Crysalys Butterfly Effect5:38

  • No Forgiveness Feat. Chiara Malvestiti (Crysalys) Pandora3:17

  • Crysalys Bewitched By The Shadows5:18

  • Crysalys The Gilded Prison4:50

  • Crysalys White Lotus On Acheron Shores7:01

  • Crysalys The Awakening Of Gaia4:35