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  • Back To R'lyehMassacre & Escape06:32

  • Back To R'lyehThe Awakening09:01

  • Back To R'lyehThe Doorway04:29

  • Back To R'lyehEpilogue "The Triumph Of Men"03:38

  • Back To R'lyehGhosts & Vengeance05:09

  • Back To R'lyehNuclear Warhead05:51

  • Back To R'lyehErase03:50

  • Back To R'lyehWarnings06:36

  • Back To R'lyehVerticalus00:37

  • Back To R'lyehDoorway04:29

  • Back To R'lyehMassacre And Escape06:33

  • Back To R'lyehBasil Abscond06:17

  • Back To R'lyehThe Kadishtu Brotherhood06:41

  • Back To R'lyehGhosts And Vengeance05:09

  • Back To R'lyehLast Fight Of The Primordial05:28

  • Back To R'lyehMcMurdo's Statement07:54

  • Back To R'lyehInterlude: A Failed Invocation03:54