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  • Аня ДубовчукAngels (Within Temptations Cover -2)04:02

  • Shturrman (Remix D&B)Angels - Within Temptation04:09

  • AngelsWithin Temptation - The Promise (Live)08:04

  • Allen♫Angel ( Within Temptation)03:59

  • AngelsWithin Temptation - Say My Name (Previously Unreleased)04:08

  • Allen♫Angel (Within Temptation)04:00


  • Sea Of DespairAngels (Within Temptation Cover)04:03

  • Tanya BrightAngels (Within Temptation Cover)04:01

  • SirenasAngels (Within Temptation Cover)04:05

  • Dj CronusDark Angel (Within Temptation - Angels)04:10

  • AngelsWithin Temptation - Heart, Deceived Me Right From The Start. You Showed Me Dreams, I Wished The04:00

  • Oksana MalyshevaAngels (Within Temptation Cover)04:04

  • Sea Of DespairAngels (Within Temptation Cover)04:14

  • #KRE_MusicAngels (Within Temptation)03:59

  • Eternal Doom{†Mitegnik†}Angels (Within Temptation Guitar Cover) ©02:38

  • Sea Of DespairНежный ангел (Angels) (Within Temptation Cover)04:14

  • †Mitegnik†Angels (Within Temptation Guitar Cover)02:38

  • Tanya PonomarevaAngels (Within Temptation Cover)04:02

  • ДоринаAngels (Within Temptation Cover)03:59

  • NightcoreAngels (Within Temptation)03:32

  • AngelsWithin Temptation - Angels (Live)04:09

  • Алена ЧерноваAngels (Within Temptation Cover)04:04

  • Feral ReverieAngels (Within Temptation Cover) 2015.05.16 Live ЖЗ03:19

  • Sea Of DespairНежный Ангел (Angels - Within Temptation Cover)04:14