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  • AlesanaThe Thespian (by

  • AlesanaThe Thespian/Interlude Three04:41

  • Alesana - The ThespianBaby! Why Are You Doing This To Me? Sweetheart! Are Those Your Eyes Staring Straight Back At Me? Ang04:41

  • AlesanaThe Thespian07:55

  • AlesanaThe Thespian [The Emptiness, 2010]04:41

  • Alesana'The Thespian' Official Music Video04:41

  • AlesanaThe Thespian (Live At The Daily Habit)04:09

  • AlesanaThe Thespian (End)00:48

  • AlesanaThe Thespian00:51

  • AlesanaThe Thespian04:09

  • AlesanaThe Thespian (Instrumental; GuitarPro)03:53

  • AlesanaThe Thespian (Post-Hardcore)04:41

  • AlesanaThe Thespian (8-bit)03:47

  • FunnyUseEnding [Alesana - The Thespian]00:33

  • AlesanaThe Thespian(cut)00:06

  • AlesanaThe Thespian04:19

  • AlesanaThe Thespian03:57

  • AlesanaThe Thespian [something Interesting]04:41

  • AlesanaThe Thespian03:52

  • AlesanaThe Thespian(You Smile And It Makes Me Fly.You Are The Reason My Heart Beats.Tonight It's Just You A04:41

  • AlesanaThe Thespian (screamo)03:52

  • AlesanaThe Thespian (Axel "Noire" Luciole' Extreme Vocal Cover)00:28

  • AlesanaThe Thespian (Andy Skywalker's Cover)04:41

  • AlesanaThe Thespian04:03

  • AlesanaThe Thespian00:40