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  • ANACRONSTRAIGHT BANGIN' (Side A) K7 (Manoemusik, Peanut Gallery Network) 199824:34

  • HäzelThe Fanatic Beat Tape Side A K711:03

  • GRASSROOTZUNCHARTED REGIONS (Side A) K7 (Black Flag Productions) 199824:08

  • DA LOOPTROOPTHREESICKSTEEZ (Side A) K7 (Not On Label) 199520:58

  • SPAZTIK MCPHASE 1 (Side A) K7 (Children Of Productions) 199817:13

  • SUNSPOT JONZMINI BEATS: FROSTED BEATDIE DELITES (Side A) K7 (Outhouse Records) 200030:05

  • FTW PRODUCTIONSFTW SPECIALS VOL.1 (Side A) K7 (Tripping On Records) 200516:33

  • DA LOOPTROOPFROM THE WAX CABINET (Side A) K7 (Not On Label) 199632:31

  • DJ ROB ONESUMMAH VOL. 2 (Side A) K745:14

  • SPEXTHAT WAS THEN... THIS IS HOW (Side A) K7 (Not On Label) 200131:38

  • EXAMPLEIMPULSES (North Side) (Side A) K7 (Beat Farm Recordings) 199712:17

  • BUKUE ONELASTARFIGHTA (Side A) K7 (S.I.N.G. Productions) 199826:02

  • DOSE ONEUNTITLED (Side A) K7 (Not On Label) 199713:31

  • HEADSHOTSVOL. 4 - HISTORY (Side A) K7 (Rhymesayers Entertainment) 199643:30

  • ASOPA GLIMPSE OF THE FUTURE (Side A) K7 (Black Wolf Music) 199924:01

  • DOSE ONESUBTITLED (Side A) K7 (Not On Label) 199720:18

  • Aριστερός λυκόφωςK706:57

  • TIM SEARSONE OF US (PROS) (Side A) K7 (Not On Label) 199815:31

  • IWERESLAYER OF THE ENEMY (Side A) K7 (Tripping On Records) 200425:03

  • THE KRAKENABSTRACT & COGNAC (Side A) K7 (Basement Multimedia) 199612:12