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  • Jody Watley Feat. 4 HeroA Bed Of Roses04:06

  • MiaI Don't Need A Bed Of Roses In Your Arms03:09

  • Protected IllusionLie On A Bed Of Roses03:08

  • Flora Mann, Winifred Whelen, 1922Cupid In A Bed Of Roses03:22

  • Tom WaitsOn A Bed Of Roses00:21

  • Bon JoviI Want To Lay You On A Bed Of Roses..)06:33

  • M.I.A.Bed Of Roses03:09

  • I Want To Lay YouOn A Bed Of Roses06:36

  • Merle Haggard(I'm Gonna Paint Me) A Bed Of Roses02:08

  • The UnknownA Bed Of Roses Filled With Thorns04:54

  • Queen AdreenaA Bed Of Roses02:00

  • Jody WatleyA Bed Of Roses (feat. 4 Hero)04:06

  • Fe-Mail Featuring Lasse MarhaugFresh From The Flesh On A Bed Of Roses07:17

  • Muffs, TheLaying On A Bed Of Roses-antipop.ru02:11

  • Dark EcstasyA Bed Of Roses(MIDI)03:58

  • Lal Waterson & Maria GilhooleyJust A Note (A Bed Of Roses, 1999)01:46

  • KatieJane Garside - QueenadreenaA Bed Of Roses02:00

  • Queen AdreenaA Bed Of Roses01:59

  • The MuffsLaying On A Bed Of Roses02:11

  • Saints & SinnersLife's Not A Bed Of Roses03:07

  • Weeping BirthRaped By The Dead In A Bed Of Roses04:06

  • TownshipSleeping In A Bed Of Roses06:59

  • Protected IllusionLie On A Bed Of Roses03:03

  • QueenadreenaA Bed Of Roses02:00

  • Protected IllusionLie On A Bed Of Roses03:06

  • EikenskadenDying On A Bed Of Roses04:09

  • 002QueenadreenaA Bed Of Roses02:00

  • Queenadreena - [2002 - Drink Me]A Bed Of Roses02:00

  • Midiприкидка к тексту Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses03:23

  • Glee CastIf I Die Young, Bury Me In Satin Lay Me Down On A Bed Of Roses03:41

  • Flora Mann, Winifred Whelen, Lillian Berger, Clive Carey, Cuthbert Kelly And James Steuart Wilson, 1Thomas Bateson (c.1570-1630) / Ed. Edmund Horace Fellowes - Cupid, In A Bed Of Roses..03:22