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"Wild Child - WASP"Ozzy Osbourne-Quiet Riot-April Wine-Judas Priest-WASPMusica: 05:15
"Чёртова реальность(WasP Prod.)"EsDeeDee Ft. WasPMusica: 04:09
"Sleeping (In The Fire) (Wasp 1984)"WASPMusica: 03:54
"Hellion (Wasp 1984)"WASPMusica: 03:38
"Hellion (Pre-Wasp)"WASPMusica: 03:36
"Sex Drive ( Pre-WASP Demo 1982)"WASPMusica: 03:20
"Love Machine (Wasp 1984)"WASPMusica: 03:51
"СТРАТОСФЕРА КАВЕР НА WASP Animal. концертв роксе"СТРАТОСФЕРА КАВЕР НА WASP Animal. концертв роксеMusica: 03:09
"Оглянись! ( WasP Prod. )2010"WasP FеаtВьюгаMusica: 02:40
"Я знаю ( WasP Prod. )2010"Вьюга Feat WasPMusica: 03:07
"I Wanna Be Somebody (Pre-Wasp)"WaspMusica: 03:53
"_wasp_all_my_life"WASPMusica: 02:34
"Биксы и Баксы ( WasP Prod. )_ПШ_2011"WasPMusica: 03:08
"Back In The Days (ft.WasP) (WasP Prod.)"07.EsDeeDeeMusica: 04:22
"Успеть надо (Wasp Prod.)"N.deS.P.ft WasPMusica: 03:31
"Wasp (Blood Solution) (Youth Remix Of ‘The Wasp’)"Amorphous AndrogynousMusica: 04:27
"Sweet Disease (Sister Demos (pre WASP)"WASPMusica: 03:29
""That's The Thing You've Got To Remember About WASPS. They Love Animals - They Can't Stand People.""Wall Street (1989) Gecko Explaining To Bud How WASPS WorkMusica: 00:06
"Wasp"Max Cooper- WaspMusica: 03:49
"_wasp_tear_down_the_walls"WASPMusica: 03:39
"Wasped (Cranium Pie’s Baking Research Station Remix Of ‘The Wasp’)"Amorphous AndrogynousMusica: 05:12
"_wasp_the_demise"WASPMusica: 04:00
"_wasp_the_last_redemption"WASPMusica: 01:07
"Whole Lotta Rosie (Ac-Dc)"WaspMusica: 04:00
"King Wasp"Add N To XMusica: 03:35
"King Wasp"Add N To (X)Musica: 03:29
"King Wasp"Add N To (X)Musica: 04:05
"Whale & Wasp"Alice In ChainsMusica: 02:36
"Arena Of Pleasure"WaspMusica: 04:14
"Benjamin Britten-The Wasp"Alexei UtkinMusica: 02:01
"Hold On To My Heart Там в пламя, пламя в моем сердце And There's No Rain, Can Put It Out И нет дождя, могут потушить And There's A Flame, It's Burning In My Hea"WASPMusica: 04:22
"I Wanna Be Somebody (WASP)"CatameniaMusica: 03:11
"Butterfly To Wasp"DalaMusica: 04:05
"Butterfly To Wasp"DalaMusica: 04:25
"Burn (DEEP PURPLE Cover)"WASPMusica: 04:50
"We"re Stars"Dio, Judas Priest, Wasp, Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot...Musica: 07:09
"The Wasp"Division AlphaMusica: 03:38
"Ballad Of The Wasps"Dr. Strangely StrangeMusica: 03:24
"Ballad Of The Wasp"Dr Strangely StrangeMusica: 03:20
"Evermore"WASPMusica: 06:10
"6Ft Wasp"Fila BrazilliaMusica: 09:25
"Heavens Hung In Black"WASPMusica: 07:12
"I Wanna Be Somebody [WASP]"HellsongsMusica: 04:14
"Mouthful Of Wasps"KashmirMusica: 05:16
"Jungle Shadow"Kiril Feat MC Wasp & RuclMusica: 03:52
"Mephisto Waltz"WASPMusica: 01:26
"Nymph"WaspMusica: 03:50
"Madonna Of The Wasps"Robyn Hitchcock & The EgyptiansMusica: 03:06
"Madonna Of The Wasps"Hitchcock, Robyn & The EgyptiansMusica: 03:05
"Running Wild In The Streets"WASPMusica: 03:32

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