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"The Disintegrators"Megadeth - Cryptic Writings(1997) 03:04
"The Disintegrators"MEGADETH - Cryptic Writings (1997) 02:50
"Vortex (Instrumental)"MEGADETH - Cryptic Writings (1997) 03:19
"Trust"MEGADETH - Cryptic Writings (1997) 05:11
"Cryptic Writings 1997 (Full Album)"Megadeth 46:56
"Bullprick"MEGADETH - Cryptic Writings (1997) 02:47
"Cryptic Writings"Megadeth 51:30
"A Secret Place"MEGADETH - Cryptic Writings (1997) 05:25
"Have Cool, Will Travel"MEGADETH - Cryptic Writings (1997) 03:28
"Mastermind"MEGADETH - Cryptic Writings (1997) 03:48
"Use The Man [Cryptic Writings 1997]"Megadeth 04:35
"Trust (Cryptic Writings, 1997)"Megadeth 05:11
"Almost Honest (Cryptic Writings-1997)"Megadeth 04:02
"She-Wolf (Cryptic Writings, 1997)"Megadeth 03:37
"9.Have Cool, Will Travel ...Cryptic Writings 1997"Megadeth 03:28
"7.Sin ...Cryptic Writings 1997"Megadeth 03:06
"I'll Get Even (Cryptic Writings-1997)"Megadeth 04:23
"Sin [Cryptic Writings 1997]"Megadeth 03:06
"Vortex [Cryptic Writings 1997]"Megadeth 03:38
"She-Wolf ("Cryptic Writings", 1997)"Megadeth 03:37
"A Secret Place [Cryptic Writings 1997]"Megadeth 05:29
"FFF [Cryptic Writings 1997]"Megadeth 02:38
"The Disintegrator"Megadeth 02:50
"The Disintegrators"Megadeth 02:50
"The Disintegrators"Megadeth 03:04
"The Disintegrators (1997)"05. Megadeth 02:51
"The Disintegrators (Santiago, Chile, 09-23-1998)"Megadeth 03:02
"The Disintegrators (Live In Duluth, 1998)"Megadeth 02:51
"The Disintegrators (Live In Ft. Lauderdale, 1998)"Megadeth 02:43
"Writing The Chronicles"James Horner - Writing The Chronicles (OST Хроники Спайдервика) 03:03
"Dread And The Fugitive Mind (Best Of Megadeth)"Megadeth 04:22
"Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Best Of Megadeth)"Megadeth 06:31
"The Same Deep Water As You (The Disintegration, 1989)"The Cure 09:22
"Lullaby (The Disintegration, 1989)"The Cure 04:12
"Pictures Of You (The Disintegration, 1989)"The Cure 07:28
"Fascination Street (The Disintegration, 1989)"The Cure 05:15
"Love Song (The Disintegration, 1989)"The Cure 03:30
"Babble (The Disintegration B-Side, 1989)"The Cure 04:18
"Closedown (The Disintegration, 1989)"The Cure 04:20
"Homesick [*] (The Disintegration, 1989)"The Cure 07:08
"2Late (The Disintegration B-Side, 1989)"The Cure 02:36
"Prayers For Rain (The Disintegration, 1989)"The Cure 06:07
"Fear Of Ghosts (The Disintegration B-Side, 1989)"The Cure 06:51
"Last Dance [*] (The Disintegration, 1989)"The Cure 04:46
"The Disintegration Of The Persistence Of Memory"Apaticum 06:25
"Pirate Ships (The Disintegration B-Side, 1989)"The Cure 03:33
"The Sign Of The Southern Cross"Cryptic Tales 01:14
"The Cataclysm [1999, The Age Of Cataclysm]"Cryptic Wintermoon 02:17
"Listen To Four People Talking About The Topics Below (см. Дополнительно). Write The Number Of The Topic (1-4) From The List Below And The Person/people The Spea"IELTS: Topics To Discuss With Your Family 02:02
"The Disintegrators"Megdeth 02:50

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